Dynamic SharePoint Slideshow

Posted January 22nd, 2013 in SharePoint by Jonathan

First, let me start by saying that last year there was a shake up where I work. I went from a PHP developer to a SharePoint Admin. So you’ll probably start seeing more and more SharePoint articles – but…it doesn’t mean I don’t still develop in PHP, I just do it less.

Now…onto the awesome.

There are a few prerequisites here.

  1. SharePoint 2010 (I’m sure it’ll work for 2007 and maybe 2013 – but I don’t guarantee it)
  2. SPServices
  3. Jquery
  4. Nivo Slider

Another thing to note here. I chose an Image Library over an Asset Library because of MSDN‘s best practice guide on still accessing the list web service. You could probably get away with a Document library too.

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MySQL queries for custom reporting in Dell’s KACE system

Posted January 4th, 2012 in SQL, Toolbox by Jonathan

I’ve probably said it before, but in my current job I get to learn a lot of new things all the time, as a web developer I’ve self-taught myself a lot of my current skill set. One of which is MySQL. I had a pretty basic understanding of SQL and simplistic queries. I’ve never really pushed myself into going further into bigger and nastier queries. Though, I did pick up a good piece of advice at an open source conference I attended. The speaker mentioned that independent of whatever language you are programming in, your database engine (he was speaking of MySQL) will do it better every time. Well the more I dig into it, the more I realize just how correct that statement is. I’ve been living under the impression that I can deal with data better outside of the database engine versus generating a better query to get the right data. I know that makes me sound lazy or dumb – but I think a lot of web developers fall into this when there’s no real reason to push the limits. I mean I could probably catch a lot of you selecting * in your statements huh?

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JSON_ENCODE pre php 5.2

Posted May 24th, 2011 in PHP, Web Development by Jonathan

Once again I have run into an issue with one of those big hosting companies. This time it involves running an old version of php, 4.4 to be exact. While this may work for most things if you’re not getting so technical, and I didn’t really think I was, but of course it turns out something I take for granted (running php 5.3 on my production servers) caught me off guard.

I had a simple ajax call for a comment form. Send off the info and send an email out, very simple right. Well if you brush up on your php versions you’ll find that json_encode isn’t available till php version 5.2. So while the ajax call was working, my expected response was not.

So I started searching for a way to mimic the json output to send back, I cam across a post on Stack Overflow that pointed back to the PHP doc’s site on json_encode, and down in the comments boukeversteegh had posted an easy to use function to do exactly what i was looking for.

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Comparing MySQL tables

Posted April 12th, 2011 in SQL, Web Development by Jonathan

At my current job, I’ve become a bit the goto guy on databases. While I don’t consider myself a defacto DBA, I do have to maintain and try to keep from destroying a number of databases. Today, coming on the heels of a serious project a coworker asked if we could compare the structures of tables in two different databases.

I almost responded we’d have to do it by hand – and I was partially right (most likely due to my limited knowledge). But I found a tool that at least gets me half way there so I’m not going through everything by hand (which can lead to problems too).

My normal course of action was to to just use phpmyadmin’s export feature to run the changes on the production tables. It’s not a bad way to go, but I found if I don’t keep up on the tasks, I’d forget about them and then have to go through the entire process with other developers in what they needed changed.

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Session Time Out Notifier (PHP, Jquery)

Posted December 14th, 2010 in JQuery, PHP, Toolbox, Web Development by Jonathan

I was tooling around mint.com the other day and noticed that after a certain amount of time a notice appeared at the top of the screen to inform me that I was about to be logged out. Then after the time ran out I was returned to the login screen.

A few weeks ago, a coworker was asking if there was a better way to deal with being logged out on a backend system I put together. Once I saw the mint.com system I knew I had to try to build something like it. So I did, it’s not exactly the same because of the system I’m using but it works just as well and looks good doing it – I also wanted it to be a simple addition.

Getting started;

Have some idea of how to use jQuery, I don’t think what I’ve done here is hard – but at least understand some basic concepts like the $(document).ready() function,.fadeIn(),.click(),etc. For PHP, have an idea of $_GET variables, and header locations. Then some knowledge of Javascript itself, and an understanding of loops and counting.

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Tasker, this is getting fun…

Posted August 28th, 2010 in Android by Jonathan

So I recently made the move to Android – well that sounds like I came off something else almost as cool. I guess, but I moved off an old Sony Ericsson T506 and and Ipod Touch. I was tired of having to carry two devices and I wanted to something that would keep me connected whenever I needed – so I got me a Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S). Whoa Boy! What a phone…

While it has some issues, it also has some awesomeness backing it, but this post isn’t about the phone persay – it’s about an app that is doing some stuff I wanted my phone to do. If you don’t know what Tasker is, this is what they say from the website: Continue Reading »

It’s been almost a month now…How about an update.

Posted August 19th, 2010 in Life by Jonathan

Back in March I made a post about the boy brewing my wife’s womb, and naming him Fargus Munghammer. Well as it turns out, he was born and is a few days shy of being a month old already! Exactly, where has the time gone? Well now that I’m coming to the close of one project (but are they ever really done?) and getting ready to head into another one – I found a moment to update.

Gabriel Elijah

Gabriel Elijah

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A Quick Note about 1and1.com (php5)

Posted July 10th, 2010 in PHP, Web Development by Jonathan

This is merely a heads-up, reminder, cautionary tale, whatever you want to call it – but I seem to forget about it until something breaks and then after a few it dons on me that this is probably the problem. See I get so use to the servers I use at my day job, the ones that are custom built with CentOs running php5 and all the good stuff. I never have this problem.

So, and this applies to more than just 1and1 I’m sure. I’ve run into this on other hosting services – and I guess their are other ways to resolve this, but I’m going to start with my way.

So like I said, I’m use to what I have at work, PHP5. I base everything off that and this of course spills over into my contract work. So tonight I’m working on a project and I’m uploading it and trying to get it running. All I see if a odd error from adodb, missing a ending “}”. So I recopied it to the server, same thing, so I erase the entire adodb dir and try again. Still the error. So I start back tracking and spitting out all the errors I can to try and track this down. Because it’s sure as heck not a problem on my local machine.

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Toolbox – Ajax requests and caching

Posted March 4th, 2010 in Featured, JQuery, Toolbox, Web Development by Jonathan

Today was a reminder of how much I can forget. I have been working on a quick little report to help a group of people here at work. Nothing special, but I was adding some nice functionality to make updating things easier.

Basically each result row had 2 check boxes. Where they could check or uncheck either of them and it would update a table in the background. No biggie I thought, of course I had been developing it in Firefox and Chrome and occasionally in IE 8, and everything previous to the check boxes worked fine in all the browsers.

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and his name shall be Fargus Munghammer…

Posted March 3rd, 2010 in Featured, Life by Jonathan

I think I have a fairly robust sense of humor, and as a web developer I can show it off sometimes. For anyone who’s built forms you know what I mean, you use a test person to use while validating and working out any bugs in your form. My current favorite is Fargus Munghammer.

Coincidentally, my wife is pregnant. She’s still a ways away from giving birth (July/August), and as such we really haven’t picked out a name yet. We went to our first ultrasound the other day and found out what the baby would be, and as it turns out it will be a boy. I use to just call it “the boy”, but this time I thought I’d go with Fargus Munghammer as a temporary¬† name holder. There is a problem though;

What should we name the boy?

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